Above Ground Pools

cheap above ground pools

It’s 30 degrees. You feel like swimming but you’re away from the lake.  You also have sanitary concerns with a community swimming pool  and all  the chemicals and bacteria in it.

How awesome it would be to have your personal swimming pool, only open to you and your loved ones, and 100% under your  control. You take a dip anytime you like, train, play with your  children or just relax.

It is clear to you that a personal pool is a must have. But personal  swimming pools are seriously expensive specially with all the excavation  and installation. Furthermore, you may potentially need a bigger house  with a larger yard to host the additional space.

How about buying  above ground pools? It gives all the benefits of classic in-ground swimming pools but for a fraction of the cost and amount of time required to have it operational. This swimming pool requires no construction, no digging,  no mess, no dust, no crew  and you can start enjoying it within hours.  Compare that to weeks and months of workers coming in and out. And as  stated, your cost will be slashed by 80-90% than what you would pay for  an in ground pool.

Keep in mind the following important differences that you should be know:

First, these swimming pools are typically made of vinyl not concrete.  They must be replaced after 7-8 years. In ground swimming pools , on  the other hand,  can be used forever.

Second, one needs to devise a way to fill your above ground pool with  water. That may be  quite problematic as the volume of water is  huge.

Third, there is no gradual increase in water depth unlike what one  encounters with in-ground pools . In other words, there is more safety  for kids here than with the in-ground versions.

Fourth, as the pool is above ground,  there is no risk of children  falling accidentally in the swimming pool and drowning as sometimes  happens with traditional swimming pools.

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